I will visit you in your garden to discuss relevant design details, wishes and requirements for the future purpose of each garden area.
External influences from climate, soil or property orientation will of course be taken into consideration.

You may choose the style of the design and suggest favorite plants – so I can conceptualize the initial layout.
Surveying might be needed for large properties , although pictures and a thorough walk-through usually are sufficient at this planning stage.
Once you are confident the design is what you are looking for, I will develop final plans, perspective sketches and moodboards. These will demonstrate the atmosphere of your new garden by showing preferred plants, colors and materials.

I am more than happy to support you with or be fully in charge of planting and construction plans as well as tender offers in order to ensure a smooth course of events.

“Small” projects are just as exciting and interesting to me as a designer – feel free to get in touch if you are looking for consulting on specific areas in your garden or your balcony.

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